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Know A little More About Astronomy

Gazing at the sky in the night and wondering at its expanse is what astronomers have been doing since thousands of years. But even now there are a handful of aspects of the univerese that are beyond the imagination of the human mind. The more we tend to plunge deep into the secrets of astronomy, the more confused we get at the amazingness of it. The celestial world which appears so quiet and ravishing holds a rage inside and is full of multitudes of truths which we don't know or assume wrong. Checkout the few of these interesting and amazing facts.

It might appear very surprising to you, but it is impossible to see everything around you? As per studies, we are able to observe just 5% of matter that surrounds us. The rest is invisible and is termed as the dark matter. This holds true for high cholesterol levels too. They're present in the body but are unidentifiable unless you go through a cholesterol screening test.

We know that Sun is the prime spring of energy of our planet. But, we are completely unaware of the fact that its center generates energy in massive quantities every second which is equal to the energy of billions of nuclear bombs combined.

We always assume that temperature of the planets in the solar system is based on their closeness to the sun. So, we believe that Mercury must be the hottest of all planets. Though it might appear awkward, it is true that Mercury's temperature could sink to -280 degrees F. This is because the planet lacks atmosphere and therefore is incapablee of capturing heat. This makes the side away from the sun tremendously cold.

On the contrary the planet Venus is comparatively hotter despite being distant from sun. Reason for the same being, the thick layer of atmosphere around Venus helps trap the heat from the sun, helping to raise the temperature substantially.

Yet an additional amusing fact about Astronomy is that telescope may not have been invented by Gallileo Galilei. There are numerous reports and researches that indicate suggest Dutch eyeglass maker Johannes Lippershey as the creator of the telescope. However, it was Gallileo who was the first one to employ the device. The telescope could be used to view many heavenly objects and could also offer a better sighting of the moon.

Not many are aware of the fact that the shooting stars are just basic dust particles. Comets tend to leave a cluster of dust behind when they pass through the atmosphere of the earth. These particles subsequently get heated up, when passing through the atmosphere. This results in streak of light which takes shape of a shooting star.

These are just few lesser known facts about the universe. Astronomy is in fact replete with such unknown facts that could amuse the mankind to no ends.


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